UBC Board of Governors held another secret meeting yesterday

It has been confirmed that the UBC Board of Governors held another secret meeting yesterday.

When asked whether he attended a board meeting yesterday, board member David Sidoo responded, “Yes, I was. I was at the phone on the conference call. Most of us were.”

Various other board members said they were unable to discuss whether or not a board meeting took place.

“I can’t comment on that,” said Jeff Krupa, student representative for UBCO.

UBC has since confirmed that a meeting did take place. “Board members requested a teleconference to get a briefing on the events of last week, in particular on the inadvertent disclosure of confidential materials in the FOI release,” said Leslie Dickson, spokesperson for UBC, in an emailed statement.

It is currently unknown what was discussed at the meeting but no official documentation of the meeting has been found.

“The BoG had a call yesterday to inform us of the legal situation we are in after a few requests from members for an update,” said a text statement from Veronica Knott, UBC Vancouver student rep. “Any substantive discussions will be taking place on our full agenda tomorrow.”

“Yesterday members of the board were invited to a teleconference as requested by some members to provide a briefing on the events of last week, particularly the inadvertent disclosure [of] confidential materials in the FOI [freedom of information request], including an update on legal ramifications and communications,” said Julie Van de Valk, student board representative for UBC Vancouver, in a text statement.

The Ubyssey and UBC Insiders followed up on a tip received and reached out to all board members with available contact details.

Michael Treschow, Shannon Dunn and Darren Fernandez were also contacted, with no response.