What to do this Valentine’s Day if you're single and wanting to celebrate

Single on Valentine’s… it’s like God is mocking you especially hard this year since February 14 lands on hump day.

Nevertheless, just know you are not the only one suffering from single syndrome on the most commercialized “holiday” of the year. There are multiple other activities you could do to spice up your V-Day.

Buy on-sale chocolate

The usual urge might be to drown out any emotions and desperate standards with a little chocolate. But why waste your money on overinflated heart shaped prices when they all go on sale the next morning! Set your alarm and get your butt to the closest Shoppers.

Find the most important person... in BCL

Who needs a significant other really when José Cuervo can be your most influential man ever for just $16. He will make fun choices for you, guaranteed.

Avoid restaurants at all costs

It is key to avoid all romantic restaurants during this night, so instead go to a movie with friends. 50 Shades of Grey comes out for a reason at this time of year — you can even throw popcorn at the PDA couples if you feel so inclined.

Drunk shopping

Make yourself an Irish coffee and go drunk shopping alone or with friends. One purchase equals one shot?

Foods before dudes

When in doubt, just avoid all outside spaces and have a Galentine’s Day with your other single friends and have a potluck dinner. A classic rom-com or violent slasher movie at home is perfectly acceptable too.

Happy Valentine’s!