Here's what's in your UBC Wrapped

The year is coming to an end, but gifts aren’t the only thing being wrapped. Spotify Wrapped is out, but with finals coming up, we're only thinking about one thing — UBC.

So, here's UBC Wrapped. It’s the stats you oh-so-want to know and oh-so-want to brag about.

Your top professors

There’s always that one professor we end up seeing a lot. Maybe because they are receptive to questions during office hours, but maybe it’s just because their class is the one class you have with mandatory attendance. This statistic would be incomplete without mentioning what per cent of their students you were in — bonus points if you ever cried in office hours.

Your top food spots on campus

Many UBC students rarely cook and end up eating out at least a few meals a week, so UBC Wrapped has to include your food place rankings! Let’s find out what the most visited UBC restaurant is once and for all.

Is it Tim Hortons? What about the Gallery? Mercante? No, it must be Uncle Fatih's. Or maybe, it's Open Kitchen.

Your top study spots

Does IKB top your list? Or is it your dorm room? And how many hours did you spend in each? You might be unsure if an average of 13 hours per day at IKB is normal but don’t fret because you’re not alone in that! Maybe UBC officials will finally realize the Arts Student Centre isn’t big enough as a study spot for any more than 10 students.

Your 2022 music playlist

Like Spotify, UBC Wrapped has to include the songs you were jamming to while studying or getting ready for parties. Are you a lo-fi beats or classical music person while studying? And just how many 2000s songs are going to make it into your pre-party playlist?

Pre-, post- or mid-midterm tears shed

We’ve all had that one unreasonably difficult course that makes us want to cry 24/7 (ahem, CPSC courses). But did you really cry? And how much? If you say you didn’t then you’re either lying or you’re a first year who hasn’t studied for one minute thinking that you’ll easily ace every course you ever take because that’s what you did in high school.