How to survive the UBC snow

January has arrived and at UBC that means it’s time for two things: class and snow. Wait, did you read that correctly? Snow? In Vancouver? As horrifying as that may be, we’ve already seen some winter weather in the past week. Luckily, the snow hasn’t stuck too much yet, but there’s more to potentially come in our future. Here’s how to survive the, like, centimeter of snow we might get.

Stay inside

Whatever you do, make sure you do it INDOORS. Overall, it’s completely unnecessary to leave your residence/apartment/house, so why take the risk? Uber Eats is getting paid to go outside and deliver to you. You, on the other hand, are not. For all the poor first years who have to leave their residence after exams, seek new shelter immediately.

Invest in some winter clothes

If for some reason you have to go outside, make sure you are properly geared up. The ideal clothing would be a parka or a Canada Goose jacket, but a coat and toque will probably suffice. Make sure to bring a radio in case of emergencies.

Burn your notes for warmth

For the unfortunate students who get caught out in the cold, survival must become your number one priority. This means using your lecture notes to start a fire, even though it’s finals season. It’s better to fail your exams than to fail at living.

Hopefully with these tips you can survive UBC’s winter relatively unscathed. Good luck and stay warm.