explain!: Musical adaptation of your MATH 100 lecture panned

The bore and disappointment of your MATH 100 lecture is coming to the Fredrique Vood Theatre.

Early critics are hating Ugh or How I Finished All My Math 100 WebWorks 10 Minutes Before the Deadline and got a 60 or Derivative, like the Math Thing, You Know What I Mean? a vanity project of producer and on-set lurker Twink Brosco. The musical goes where no one has gone before. Well, no one except for the thousands (I think? I didn’t check) of students who did better than you in MATH 100 last year.

Picture this: it’s November of your first year. You wake up every morning at 6:56 a.m. — 9 and a half minutes before class starts. You’re on top of the world. You’re killing the game, by which I mean this whole calculus thing. But then, on a rainy day all your hopes of academic excellence are shattered by getting 57 per cent on your first pre-class quiz. That’s right, Brosco stole your story and is putting it on stage in like a month. Tickets are $415.

We sat down with Brosco to chat about Ugh. He was like “super hungover so sorry if I’m not like totally enthusiastic but yeah super down to chat for sure.”

Brosco says the story will follow you, your professor that “didn’t get a lot of sleep last night” and that TA who definitely liked you for sure, as you all work together in the spirit of collaboration and academic dishonesty.

“We’re going for a sort of Les Mis meets Johnny Test meets Salt Lake City High Presents: Rent vibe,” says Brosco. “This project has really taken over my life ever since I switched out of Sauder and into BFA acting.”

Brosco’s previous work includes starring as Thee Baby Jesus in a nativity scene, failing two years of a commerce degree and walking by the Riverdale set. He brings these years of experience to Ugh, which is set to ruin your life in spectacular fashion.

Songs include:

  • “Empty chairs and empty lecture halls”
  • “Meeting the dean”
  • “Taylor? I hardly know her (Taylor Series)”
  • “Burnout”
  • “Hakuna Matata”
  • “Who lives? Who dies? Who knows what the fuck is going on?”
  • “Alarm clock tango”
  • “Academic dishonesty meeting (Meeting the dean reprise)”

Ugh will run from April 17 to forever — you can find details and tickets at UghOrHowIFinishedAllMyMath100WebWork10MinutesBeforeTheDeadlineAndGotA60TheMusical.ubc.co.uk.com.ca.

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