Sex issue: Valentine’s Day ideas: what to do if you’re single

So you’re alone on Valentine’s Day! That’s totally cool. Although seeing Facebook post after Facebook of ‘oh-look-at-these-chocolates-I-just-received’ can become tiresome regardless of whether you actually want or don’t want a relationship, not having a significant other on the day of love doesn’t mean that you should miss out on doing something fun and frivolous this weekend. Here are a few suggestions for things to do with friends, family or just yourself.

Cook A Nice Meal

People who lead busy lives and share living spaces (ie. the vast majority of students) will often find that cooking an elaborate meal to be more effort than it’s worth. If you’ve found yourself eating out of a can more often than not, this may be the time to whip up a fancy-yet-simple fettuccine alfredo just for yourself. Because you’re worth it.

Treat Yourself

Material satisfactions will not solve all of your problems, but the small treat -- whether it be a cupcake, new book or small pick-me-up from Sephora -- can definitely go a long way towards brightening your mood.

Get Together, Get Outside

While simply spending time with people you care about and choose to have in your life is a good way to celebrate any weekend, sometimes you need an overly mushy-gushy, commercialized holiday to remind you to actually do it. If the weather is good, go for a walk or a hike. If the weather is bad, get together in the evening and play board games.

Have Some Heart-Shaped Candy, Watch A Movie Or Just Do Your Damn Homework

Yes, really. In the end, the only difference between February 14 and any other day on the calendar is that this is the day when people decide to make public (and often cheesy!) declarations of love and eat lots of heart-shaped candy. How you choose to engage (or not to engage!) with this is up to you.