Salary List: average salary and highest paid employees by faculty

While our salary list shows the basic details about UBC's top earners -- their salaries, expenses and job titles -- it doesn't provide much analysis of that information. Over the next few weeks, we'll be pulling out some of the most interesting trends from the data.

Average salary by faculty

This chart shows the average salary of employees paid over $75,000 by faculty. The business and professional programs topped the charts as usual. 160 Sauder employees combined for the highest average salary of $189,693. UBC-O’s Faculties -- Barber Arts and Sciences, Health and Social Development and Creative Studies -- had the lowest averages.

Highest paid employees by faculty

The Dean of Medicine had the highest salary of any faculty member, earning only about $22,000 less than the president of the entire university. Sauder’s Dan Skarlicki was the highest paid professor on the list, thanks to an over $100,000 salary bump from last year. The Faculty of Land and Food Systems had the lowest top salary of any faculty on the Vancouver campus. Employees at UBC-O continue to earn less than their Vancouver-based colleagues.