In favour of men’s deodorant

Deodorant is a cheap way to ensure you smell fresh so people are willing to sit next to you on the bus. From a practical point of view, one deodorant is made up of all the same chemical ingredients as another deodorant — and gender is probably a marketing gimmick invented by corporations so we might as well ignore it. But men’s deodorants tend to be cheaper and come in larger quantities than women’s versions. They also have super cool names like Ice Cold Avalanche or Sexy Lumberjack or Hardcore Flame. It’s fun.

If you’re an assigned-female-at-birth Trans person, it’s really great for pushing away dysphoria. It’s subtle, but you can catch whiffs of it when you move. There is something distinctly comforting about going through the day and being able to have this private thing that affirms your identity. It’s personal and doesn’t feel like this bold proclamation, which helps if you aren’t comfortable with that sort of thing or if you’re not out.

Not to mention the sheer comedic value of going on a date with a guy and correctly guessing his deodorant brand of choice. It’s a great gimmick and conversation starter, “Oh wow, we use the same deodorant — we have soooo much in common.” That’s my go-to line.