You need to go smash a car… specifically at Rotaract’s car smash this Wednesday

Are you mad? Maybe sad? Furious finals season has the audacity to even exist this year?

This Wednesday, April 10, you can take out your anger with a bit of violence. UBC Rotaract is running their flagship car smash event from 11 a.m.–4 p.m. for the third year in a row.

Preet Lally, Rotaract’s fundraising director, called this a “fun and unique event” — because when else can you channel your inner Taylor Swift in the “Blank Space” music video?

Last year, the event garnered a lot of attention. It’s reasonable to be confused as to why a car was getting beaten up on the UBC quad.

UBC Rotaract is an extension of Rotary International, but operates mostly independently, guided by the goals of local members, who have autonomy in deciding what kind of events to run. The international branch provides financial support for the club and makes sure UBC aligns with a specific message or value of Rotary, but the planning of the car smash is unique to the organization.

For the past two years, GotScrapCar has partnered with UBC Rotaract to supply the cars for the event.

Their team removes the glass and plastic in the car so it is safe to destroy — but sometimes parts do come flying off. Last year, the metal logo on one of the cars got whacked off, so someone got to walk away with a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Depending on the shape it's in (and on how much anger UBC has), the remains of the car get demolished.

With all the swinging going on, participants are required to sign waivers. Last year, a few high schoolers turned up, and had to call their parents for approval. If you’re part of this “younger demographic that we didn’t know we had,” Lally said to make sure waivers are pre-signed.

If you’re wondering what your weapon of choice will be, there will be a selection of bats and mallets. Golf clubs may also be available, so you can live out your Swiftie dreams. Lally’s personal recommendation is the bat, since they do the most damage. If vandalizing is more your style, they will have a wide variety of spray paint cans.

Car Smash is not just about destroying the hood of a car, it’s a fundraiser for the Rotary Education Fund. One hit costs $3, five hits is $10 and spray paint is $8. They will be accepting cash and cards.