Resume playback: UBC student’s podcast makes job application information accessible

The UBSee Podcast was created by fourth-year business and computer science student Hima Kattumuri to make information about the job application process more accessible to students.

“I figured that there's still students out there who want to know a lot of this information, want a lot of insight, maybe some guidance, but it's not that accessible unless you conform to the norms of networking, or you conform to the norms of reaching out to people and asking questions all the time,” said Kattumuri.

As a fan of podcasts himself, this was a “perfect opportunity” for Kattumuri. The podcast, which has been out for about six months at the time of publishing, has featured other business students at UBC and started a series called “Resume Roast,” where experienced recruiters look over resumes submitted by the listeners.

“When I first started off, I wanted to cater to a niche and be specific and do a good job of understanding what students want to know about before I can start [catering] to the rest of the student community. So that's why I started with UBC because it's right up my alley,” said Kattumuri.

As students are in the process of applying for summer internships and co-ops at this time of year, The UBSee Podcast is currently focused on informing listeners about careers and recruitment. This led to the creation of the podcast’s LinkedIn page, which has gained traction across Canada.

“The needs of the students are kind of seasonal, right? If I wanted to talk about [residence life], for example, if it's generally just what [residence life] is like it could come out at any point. But I wanted it to be timed answers everything [that’s] in a student's mind,” said Kattumuri.

He has received positive feedback from students and non-students alike. After the success of the podcast, a chapter of Google Developer Student Clubs at UBC invited Kattumuri to facilitate a LinkedIn workshop on February 13.

In terms of the future of The UBSee Podcast, he plans to upload more video podcasts and create an episode with UBC TACS Club during Tax Season.

“...On [a] podcast, you listen to someone who is so different to you, and knows so much more than you, in some cases, and then you just have a bunch of things that you want to know about,” said Kattumuri.