New year, new fashion trends for UBC students

Fashion constantly changes and back-to-school trends continue to be a hot topic. Every city has their own styles and university campuses are no different. What styles should UBC students be on the lookout for? The sunshine may not be out much during those dark and rainy Vancouver winters but who says your outfit can’t stand out?

Students often go to school comfortably dressed for class, but this doesn’t mean they can’t do so fashionably. A trend that has recently started to kindle, especially on the West Coast, are blanket scarves. These are beautiful yet comfortable and work well as an accessory to almost any outfit. They’re great for keeping you warm during those rainy Vancouver winters.

Another item that will help keep students comfy and fashionable in class is denim. It’s going to be a continued trend in 2015. Denim will be everywhere from jeans to dresses to jumpsuits.

The 90s seem to be back in full force with denim, rave-inspired colours and punk grunge styles taking over the runways. With this in mind, combat boots will continue to be a must for the year of 2015, bringing punk grunge back into day-to-day style. Classic ankle boots, which are simple and go with most outfits, are also popular. Heels were a common sight in 2014, but labels such as Chanel see grunge-inspired flats and boots as the new footwear trends in 2015.

From the lips of designers Yves Saint Laurent and Isabel Marant, leather will also be making a comeback -- to go with those combat boots. So for those of you who secretly love your leather pants that you were too afraid to wear out in public, now is your chance.

Personal appearance is important, including hair. In 2014 men at UBC were spotted rocking what is now known as the ‘man bun'. It worked for a while, but with a New Year starting, it may be fading out.

Fashion gives you the freedom to be creative and it allows you to express yourself. Despite whatever trends might be taking over in 2015, try them or don’t, but wear what’s true to you. There are oceans of clothes out there to be worn and seen, so allow the West Coast fashion scene to flourish into something great.