Letter of Love: Tomorrow is better than today

Dear Aafreen,

It’s been a while since I took the time to say the things that have been long overdue. I’m sorry for keeping you from the praise and love that you are so worthy of.

I’m sorry that I failed you in the past, that I took you for granted. While trying to please everyone else, you were the one that I ended up hurting. I never took care of you and never looked out for you. It was you who should've been my first priority, not the people who ended up hurting us. I should have loved you the way I loved them. I should have prioritized you the way I did them. I should have respected you the way I respected them. Over the years, I kept pushing you away and didn’t realize that you should have come first.

Despite my neglect, you have grown into the beautiful and amazing person you are today. You look out for others, but don’t let those relationships consume you. You are resilient, and you’re not afraid to face the unknown. I don’t think I can say this enough, but I am extremely proud of you. I still remember the days you would get anxious because everything seemed to be falling apart. You have been through more hardships than anyone I know of, and the way you emerged victorious amazes me to this day.

I want to thank you for putting up with me, and for putting up with the problems I sent your way. Thank you for never giving up on me, and for always being there for me despite everything. Thank you for never judging my choices and for supporting me when nobody else did.

I promise to take better care of you. I promise to love you and help you grow. I promise to never judge you and never hurt you. I don’t say this often, but I love you and I love who you are now. I’m proud of your success, honesty and maturity. I know that the pathway was filled with a million obstacles, but your patience has led you where you are now.

I just want to remind you that you’re enough, and to never let anyone tell you otherwise. I wish you success, happiness and ease in the way forward. I am sure you will do great things in the future, and I for one, will have a front row seat to all you achieve. I will forever be grateful to you and promise to love you the way you deserve to be loved.