Dine Out Vancouver: Afghan Horsemen

Tucked away in a corner just off of Granville Island, the Afghan Horsemen Restaurant is especially busy during the Dine Out Vancouver Festival. 

The interior of the restaurant was completely dressed from floor to ceiling in memorable hanging fabrics and ornate rugs. With so much food and fabric, the restaurant was not particularly spotless, but embodied a certain coziness that Vancouverites will enjoy curling up in on rainy days. 

There were two seating options available in which one could either dine at an ordinary table and chair or sit cross-legged on the floor cushions of a separate room. The service was friendly and casual, making for a relaxed environment. 

For $20, the Dine Out menu offers choices of a starter, entrée and dessert. The starters, although small, left enough room for the unexpectedly large entrees that followed.  Surrounding the entrées were side garnishes that ultimately stole the show from the impact of the main attraction. Portions of shaved carrots and tempura potato slices were exciting and necessary to the meal. The overall presentation and taste of the food was simple, but enjoyable.

Lamb Shoulder, Baked Rice and Pakawra.... Good eats. #Vancouver#Vancity#SaturdayNight#Dinner#AfghanHorsemen

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Lamb is the selected meat for the Dine Out menu and is served perfectly tender and flavourful. However, a majority of the menu is vegetarian, making this restaurant perfect with groups of friends with mixed dietary preferences. Because the vegetables were light and fresh, the portions were balanced to create a satisfied appetite without being uncomfortably stuffed upon finishing.

Finally got to try @afganhorsemen - platter is the obvious choice #crispy #potatoes #rice #beef #pork #chicken #lamb #kabobs #middleeast #afgan #stuffed #foodcoma

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Afghan Horsemen Restaurant’s Dine Out menu was pleasant, but not outstanding by any means. From all the hype that surrounded the restaurant, perhaps a better dinning experience can be achieved by ordering off the regular menu.