Creation: Editors' note

Happy Asian Heritage Month!

This year’s national Asian Heritage Month theme is “Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future: Amplifying Asian Canadian Legacy.” As the month comes to an end, we’ve reflected on how people celebrate and connect to their backgrounds.

Being Asian, especially while growing up or living in a different culture, can sometimes lead to feeling lost, disconnected from your heritage and the country around you.

What does it mean to be connected to your roots? Does food play a role in connecting you to your culture? Is religion part of it? Do you know your mother tongue, or wish you did?

Whether it’s through music, writing, film or other forms of media, people turn to art to decode these tricky questions.

In this supplement, articles explore how and what the UBC community has created to find their roots. From what we pack when we travel, the food we consume, the music we listen to or the films we make — anything to bring a sense of closeness to a community that can seem so far.

But creating art isn’t just a way to find answers — it connects us to our pasts and allows us to look toward the future. Art recognizes where we began and builds off those cultures to create new ways of experiencing our heritage.

While searching for home — whatever that means to you — we build new communities. And we’re happy you’re part of ours.