I’m boycotting Mercante until they rename their pizzas in English

I am a valued member of this community — by which I mean I sometimes walk my  dog on campus — and I will be boycotting Mercante until they change their discriminatory pizza-naming practices.

As a Canadian I should be able to buy Canadian pizza wherever I want without being made to feel like I cannot read. I had enough of that in French class.

Tomorrow I will stand outside the pizza place to caution the public to be wary of the corruption of Canadian values the place brings. 

Have you heard some of these names? ‘Pizza Bianca’ — they’re turning young people into cannibals! 

My family arrived when we were the minority. I hope that that I, and any others that join my boycott, can help protect UBC from losing contact with traditional Canadian food.

If we aren’t careful, our children may grow up without hearing the words ‘pepperoni pizza.