Tristan Wheeler

Tristan Wheeler

2018/19, 2019/20 Blog + Opinion Editor

Former Blog and Opinion Editor Tristan Wheeler started at the Ubyssey in November 2016 and quickly began writing about pizza, public transportation and comedy under Culture. After starting his smash-hit humour column, "99 Things to do at UBC Before You Graduate," he shifted to the world of Blog. The absolute fool became the Blog and Opinion editor in April 2018 and has really just been trying his best ever since.


If you’ve ever walked down Main Mall and had the completely understandable thought of “this campus has a major lack of farm animals,” you’d be wrong. Matter of fact, the UBC Farm is home to one of the mainstays of animal husbandry: 100 clucking chickens.

After the four-hour orientation workshop, we allow students and their parents to wander around campus, pointing out fun landmarks like the Ladner clock tower or a building with lots of windows. This is great for students who like to distract their parents from their alcohol consumption that is causing their grades to fall dramatically.

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