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Sugar Brewer, AMS Elections, President

Aside from holding various executive positions on campus, Brewer does not have any other leadership experience. He believes his approachability, neutrality and capacity to communicate make him well-suited for the role of President.

James Cohen, AMS Elections, President

James Cohen is a fifth-year commerce student specializing in entrepreneurship running for AMS President in this year’s AMS Elections. His platform focuses on mental health, events and advocating for students to the Board of Governors.

Jesse Hooton, AMS Elections, President

“I got three bikes stolen which is I think an issue that plagues this whole campus ... it really speaks to a larger issue of just how campus security hasn’t really been enough of a focus, and isn’t talked about enough,” said Hooton.

Cairn, AMS Elections, President

“It has seen the one’s who have done well, it has seen the one’s who have not done so well,” said the Cairn’s human puppet in its stead. “It can bring together different interests, really push forward the AMS in a positive direction."

Julian del Balso, AMS Elections, President

Julain Del Balso is running for President in this year’s AMS elections. He describes his platform as “steezy,” which, for the less informed, urban dictionary defines as a combination of the words “style” and “ease.”


James Cohen, who is running for president, and Dario Garousian, who is running for VP External, have violated the AMS Elections Procedures and Handbook. Both candidates committed two violations after their first official campaign warning.

AMS Debate, AMS Elections, Presidential Debate,  Debate 1

There are three people vying for the position of AMS President this year — Jesse Hooton, James Cohen and Sugar Brewer — and two joke candidates, Julian “The Hooligan” Del Balso and the Cairn, all with very different platforms.

Bookstore, bookstore expansion, file photos

There is no singular reason why the Bookstore might have run out of your textbook. It could be anything from your absent-minded professor to add/drop-prone students who return their textbooks at the last minute.

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