Sofia Shamsunahar

Sofia Shamsunahar


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"Last year bicycle beach crawl was one of my favorite events of first year, because it introduced me to the UBC community as a whole, showed me the cycling side of Vancouver and also connected me to other organizations on campus like UBC Bike Rave."


"Once you get it into computer language, there’s very little difference between, 'I’m turning a knob on this computer,' to the the sound of an instrument coming on or an actual video. A lot of the project is about what can we explore and control."


The BikeRave is possibly one of the kookiest and most fun events on campus. It's the ultimate event where you can come and just be yourself. Hosted by the BikeRave committee since 2013, the event is where everyone comes to rave.

Totem Park Musical

For example, there was a whole song and dance about if a character was Gay or European. Labels like this are a bit tongue-in-cheek to blatantly it point out, but the fact that is that it is simultaneously hilarious and uncomfortable for the audience.

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