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In referendums held last year, the student body and the faculty both voted in favour of divestment by a large margin. As a result, the Board of Governors is being increasingly pressured to make a decision.


The AMS has approved a sexual assault external policy to establish what it believes is necessary to include in the university’s new sexual assault policy. The goal of the policy is to ask UBC to reevaluate the processes and protocols in place.

Blanket Drive

While volunteering at The Door is Open’s Sunday soup kitchen, the members of the organization encouraged him to sit down, converse, eat, and most importantly listen to the stories of homeless individuals. The most important part of their work, he said, is to be compassionate and humanize to those who are more often than not ignored on a daily basis.


“I don’t think Mike Bartlett was interested in saying anything, I think he was more interested in asking questions…[COCK] doesn’t have a strong message…rather a challenge for the audience to consider things they haven’t considered before.”

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