Regina Hipolito

Regina started writing for The Ubyssey in 2020. She's mainly interested in writing pieces about student life and governance. She also writes the occasional sports article even though runs out of breath walking up to the Ubyssey office. When she's not writing for The Ubyssey or crying over an essay, you can catch her trying not to fall asleep in class or trying to catch the R4.

Latest articles from Regina Hipolito

Saying I “grew up ugly” doesn’t mean I was ugly — it meant that I never quite fit in the way other people did, and that's especially difficult when you have been forced to adapt to different standards of beauty your whole life.

So far this year, the AMS has seen three different people serving as VP finance — former VP finance Rita Jin, President Eshana Bhangu as interim and current VP Finance Lawrence Liu — as the AMS faces a projected $1.25 million deficit.

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