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This family dynamic is hard to come by, and definitely only existed when I was a child. I like to think of it as a fond memory of my childhood and an interesting way to retain a part of my cultural heritage that would have otherwise been lost.


Since President-elect Donald Trump’s win of the US election, UBC has been receiving a massive number of website hits from residents of the United States. Americans have been browsing UBC’s graduate programs and lurking on the university’s Facebook.


Studying in comfort isn’t bad for your grades, but it’s not good for your body. So when you’re picking a studying position and space, put on some pyjamas and get comfy, but make sure to keep your back straight and breathing.


“Feel like throwing your laptop at a wall and moving to Thailand? Us too.” We can all relate to the feelings of dread that come with the end of term and the gentlemen of Delta Kappa Epsilon are clearly no exception when it comes to exams.


Science says no — an all nighter is definitely not worth it. According to a sleep deprivation experiment in college students “sleep loss depletes effort.” In short, the less sleep a student gets, the less effort they put into tasks the next day


It’s not a myth. Music can help you concentrate while you’re studying, but according to science, only instrumental tracks. Anything else is just about as helpful as your roommate blab in your ear about their wild night out while you’re cramming.


It’s December 1 today y’all and we know you’re already in the Christmas spirit. If you haven’t put up your Christmas tree, snuggled up in a Snuggy, watched the original Home Alone movies and put on an ugly Christmas sweater, your time is now.


We’ve all heard of friendship bracelets, friendship necklaces, best friend handshakes, secret languages… but how about a friendship bench? On November 23, say hello to a little yellow bench coming to you somewhere on the UBC Vancouver campus.

counselling services

UBC's counselling services have come under fire for long wait times, among other things. But what is the story behind your counselling wait, sometimes as long as two weeks? How does counselling decide how long you will wait? Who are your counsellors?


The entire UBC campus has band together in support of Movember’s great charities and raising awareness for men’s health issues. There are so many exciting events happening this year that we needed to make a list to keep track of them all.


Did you feel like a storm cloud was following you around all of October? If yes, don’t worry — it wasn’t just your imagination. It rained a whopping 28 out of the 31 days of October this year, breaking the record of October 1985.


UBC’s hidden garden oasis is the perfect place to hold hands, take a peaceful walk and get away from the stress of student life. Forget your worries among the canopy of trees on the Greenheart Treewalk.

UBC connect is changing

The new system will have an “alert” setup for any content that is missing metadata that is essential for copyright purposes. The incomplete material in question will then be flagged if the copyright status needs to be updated.

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