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Photo coverage from the men's soccer home opener against University of the Fraser Valley on August 25, 2017. UBC won 1-0. The Jumpstart program brought incoming first-years to see the game as the Thunderbirds opened their season.

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Josh is The Ubyssey's Photo Editor and thinks he is funnier than he actually is. He's half-Jewish and still feels divided on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He enjoys politics, travelling, and gluten-free living.


You’ve made it to Vancouver. Wait. You’re not in Canada’s most expensive city just yet. You’re in Richmond — the suburb south of Vancouver. To begin your university journey, you must first voyage from the YVR airport to UBC.

Sex Issue, body, person, touch, skin

Every year, The Ubyssey releases a sex issue. The theme of each issue varies. In 2016, we focused on the science of sex and the processes that make people tick. This year, we focused on intimacy. It’s a diverse and broad idea.

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