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“Find the part of UBC that makes you feel at home and enjoy it. Every entering first year is nervous about the upcoming year. Every. Single. One. You’re not alone. And you should never have to feel like you are.”


“I had the best hot chocolate of my life in Prague. I met some of the highest respected professors in my field of study. I learned about Danish chair design and München beer halls. I visited ancient churches and Michelangelo’s.”

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“I’m entering my fifth year and I’m still finding new ways to become a more efficient student. Some people strike gold their first study session, but don’t be discouraged if you can’t hit your stride right away.”


“If you're only taking summer courses and you're not working a good number of hours, you don't really understand how stressful summer courses can be. I've only taken one summer course before and it was while I was working over 50 hours a week.”

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“A relationship shouldn’t be in competition with the ones of the past, because you can never win against a romanticized past. Your relationship should be in the present not in the past. You shouldn’t be shamed by your number of past sexual partners.”


“In all of my classes here, the final assignment or exam of the class is the only one that matters. It's worth 100% of my mark. In all my classes. All due within five days of each other. I can't afford to get below a 2:1 while here.”

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"But if you’re just drinking casually and still ending up sad, it might be just how you are when you’re drunk. Are you going through a stressful time? Are you worried about something? I also have the pleasure of being a generally happy drunk..."

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