Miguel Santa Maria

Last night, 32 pairs of personalized cleats belonging to the Vancouver Whitecaps were stolen from their training facility at UBC. Right now, the team doesn't know who’s responsible for the act and requests anyone with information to assist them.

Whether you just want to spectate and sweat bullets or aspire to be the subject of 2020’s Academy Award-nominated film, The Walk II: Electric Boogaloo, then come around the Nest this afternoon before 3 p.m.

When it comes to addressing bullying at younger ages, the main focus is usually on its aftermath and its victims. For Hamza Ahmed, what is also just as important is tackling the problem at its very core with his own organization, How to Be a Bully.

I think it’s really cool. It’s a really cool concept and I would live in here, but the price is a bit expensive. But the idea of letting more students live on-campus and kind of being all in this self-contained space is really cool.

UBC plans to develop a new residence building by 2019 that will feature sub-$700 “micro-apartments” for students. Today, a full-sized model of one of them has been put up next to CiTR at the Nest, and everyone is welcome to take a look inside.

“Velocity Meadows” is similar, but a little more experimental as it utilized a digital sound mixer and was complemented by footage of abstract images. The end result of that was an experience that had a tinge of Radiohead in it.

“UBC definitely has an issue of visibility and that’s why I wanted to have an event like this,” said Blain. She also claims that although the university does promote diversity, it is in a highly tokenistic attitude. “They love [diversity] like that’s how we sell, that’s how we get the money from donors and that’s how we look good in comparison to other universities. It’s not a real celebration of all the culture and communities that exist here.”

The play’s well-written banter between all characters is noteworthy. It makes the chemistry and emotional ties between all characters feel legitimate and are made better by the aforementioned acting. In other words, it has plenty of lighthearted personality to keep you engaged. This is also important because these are the play’s only saving grace.

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