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When Music Hits You Feel No Pain features 13 tracks, including her first single “Too Many Feelings” — a bilingual mix of French and English rap verses featuring collaborations with local Vancouver artists such as Kimmortal, Cogeta and Laydy Jams.


Brett on the other hand, explored our relationships with the "other" by detailing his 25 year-relationship with his pet bird Tuco, who was the main inspiration for the book. His work examines what it means to be ‘othered’, to become something different from what people would associate as ‘normal’ and is linked to his traumatic experience of being bullied for his androgyny.


Park believes motivation that drives inspiration, and as such her work draws on personal experiences as well as historical events for inspiration, steadily and poignantly depicting the capacity for women to be resilient in times of hardships and dramatic changes in life.

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