Leo Soh

Leo Soh


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Sugiyama was in some way fated for the Nitobe Memorial Garden. “This garden is a place for understanding Japanese garden and Japanese culture. [It is] also the place for the people which come from all over the world to communicate with each other.”

Our Campus

“You can easily create a video game out of my job. ‘Food Truck Tycoon’ or something like that, where you get to design your own food trucks, menus, and send them out into a little imaginary world where people could buy from them."


"Canadian sororities and fraternities are quite different than the ones in the States, so people coming to UBC don’t even know that sororities are a thing – they just think it’s a States thing and a party thing," she said.

Tamar Simon

Tamar Simon is a fairy queen. That’s not because she stands 3 ft tall — she doesn’t — but because of her royal stage presence and transcendent voice. But while her flame burns brightly as ever, Simon is worried about the future of opera in general.

Barring any new setbacks, the new SUB, formally named the AMS Student Nest, will be opening before summer is upon us.

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