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Starting this month, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC lifted a regulation barrier that will improve access to Suboxone, a drug that is used to treat opioid addiction. "The process is a thoughtful, evidence-based process.”

Chan Centre - Courtesy Don Erhardt/Chan Centre

The upcoming 2016-2017 season at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts features both fresh new names and past favourite artists in a diverse program, featuring everything from flamenco vocals to inner Mongolian throat singing.


The program started four years ago, challenging grade 12 students at Gladstone Secondary to represent the cardiovascular system in a creative art project. Since then, the program has expanded to various secondary schools in Vancouver and Surrey.


While there is no lack of research demonstrating the positive and calming effects of interacting with pets for humans and overworked students, Coren noticed that his dogs were not always enjoying the interaction.


Last Tuesday, PEP filled the Fox Cabaret with a unique blend of sounds and cultures in their last concert before their upcoming tour in China. The concert was the first of a series of weekly live performances programmed by Music on Main.

You are it

The atmosphere is perfect for sharing secrets. As the show progresses, the questions grow heavier. How many friends do you have? How intelligent do you want your friends to be? Has your friend ever slept with or pursued your sexual partner?


“[Vespers] is one of the greatest works in the western classical music repertoire, and it’s one that you don’t get to hear very often because it requires very specific instruments that are not common nowadays. Though it’s one of the greatest works in the classical canon, it’s one of the lesser well-known ones in a way.”


Although several groups have tried and failed to create the graphene superconductor based on this model, the researchers were able to achieve the feat in a high vacuum environment (an area without air) at an extremely low temperature of -268°C.

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