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difficulty registering for classes

Ever sat hungry in a dead quiet lecture because you didn’t have enough time to get food? You’re desperately trying to internally prevent your stomach from growling because you know that your row will hear it and immediately throw you some shade.


Before arriving to the University of Glasgow for my semester abroad I talked to many former exchange students — I was curious if they befriended locals, traveled or made life long friends while living in a foreign city.

Rain or Shine, food, ice cream

The shop is located at UBC Central, right beside the bus loop and the Nest. Enjoy an exotic Blueberry Balsamic flavoured ice cream or their most popular flavour, London Fog. The days of being ice cream deprived on campus are over.


Are you one of those Vancouverites who finds the sun to be a bit of a jerk and secretly enjoys the cold? Well you are not alone; I too despise the summer heat and am constantly looking for activities that don’t involve tan lines or allergies.


What makes for a great road trip you ask? Three things. A gnarly road trip soundtrack, multiple drivers, and a bucket (just in case the bladder comes calling on the highway). The sun is shining, mosquitoes are flying and summer is in full force.


Without a doubt, the washrooms in Kenny are one of the dirtiest in the nation. I am still suffering from the emotional trauma I received the time I had to go there. I felt like I was trapped in a small cubicle where no one would find me.

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