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While 60 per cent of eligible voters reportedly cast their ballots, it is often those who do not make it to the polls who decide the result in close elections like these — and amongst these potential voters, youth are often the wildcards.

Ahead of the BC provincial elections in May, The Ubyssey hosted a debate between three of the candidates vying for the Vancouver-Point Grey riding, centring around issues that relate to students such as student loans, affordable housing, and transit.

On Saturday, April 1, UBC will be holding an installation ceremony of the reconciliation pole, a 55-foot tall Haida totem pole. The reconciliation pole is part of UBC’s ongoing initiative to educate and inform about Indigenous residential schools.

“The word ‘white’ was coined by the English settlers that arrived here and that’s who they call ‘the white man,’” said Larry Grant, Elder-in-Residence at the First Nations House of Learning. “But what is ‘white’?”

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