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Living up to their reputation as the best eSports team in North America, UBC’s League of Legends team swept their SFU counterparts on Saturday, winning with gold advantages and superior success in securing kills.

African Club Conference

Uniting both Africans to their roots and foreigners to Africa, the Africa Awareness Initiative Conference Week is posed to be a fascinating and deeply educational event that will change how we read about Africa in the news today.

Beckett 15

That idea of the essence of life is something fundamentally important to Beckett’s pieces. Writing in the wake of World War II, his absurdist theatre is some of the most influential in the world. Comparing him to Shakespeare, Vanderwoude explains the story of Beckett 15.


“The book isn’t so much about religion but is about the Jewish experience or one aspect of the Jewish experience and looking at the experience of Jews in Canada,” he said on the topic, which he notes was overlooked for large periods of Canada’s history.


When we think of apples, we think of colours. There are red apples, green apples, and many that are really just somewhere in between. If we really stretch our apple musings, we may include the rare yellow or crab apple.

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