Fiona Sjaus

Senior Staff Writer

Fiona has been writing for The Ubyssey since her second year in 2021 as an outlet for her passion for journalism and making meaningful connections with the people that define our campus. Her humble beginnings start in news and current events, and extend into the arts and culture. Her cognitive systems degree will help her identify and understand the modes of communication that we use to express ourselves, and how we can mechanize writing to learn from each other's experiences. Got pitches? Send them her way to Twitter: @FionaSjaus

Latest articles from Fiona Sjaus

ubc a cappella courtesy

Upon entering the Neville Scarfe building last Saturday, we were shocked to see singers decked out in bright colours, fun textures and donning elaborate accessories for extra flair. It’s important to note that in most classical music performances — which is what we’re most familiar with — concert black dress is always required.

231117 ams midterms Ian Caguiat i you

Ian Caguiat ran on a platform of resourceful sustainability, and community engagement and inclusion. Six months into his term, his ambitious and broad on-the-ground approach has led to him delivering results, though at the midway point, many of his initial action items remain in progress.

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