Danni Olusanya

2020-2021 Culture Editor

Danni started her love affair with The Ubuhcee as a tender first year, with lots of energy and LOTS more hair! Hailing from London, she is an avid fan of both chai latte's and Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream crisps just not together! Her writing interests include issues of race, gender and pop culture, the more they intersect the better! You can find her quietly crying into her coffee on the fourth floor of IKB!

Latest articles from Danni Olusanya

lost in maze glitch

Too scared to put myself out there and even more fearful of getting on a bus, I found myself simply walking in circles with nothing but my withering sense of pride and Google Maps to help me find my way home.

danni in hibernation

As I nestled further into my cocoon, I became keenly aware that the act of doing absolutely nothing is contrary to everything that I have been taught as a Black woman.

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