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The AMS Sustainable Action Plan (ASAP) outlines how your student society will improve its sustainability going forward. Besides outlining how the AMS will practice sustainability, it also states the AMS’s commitment to ethical and sustainable purchasing, including guidelines for licensees, contractors and employers.

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Erin Co ran on a platform prioritizing financial aid, student wellness and safety, and expanding transit. Seven months into her term, it appears she has been busy working to fulfill her promises.

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So far this year, the AMS has seen three different people serving as VP finance — former VP finance Rita Jin, President Eshana Bhangu as interim and current VP Finance Lawrence Liu — as the AMS faces a projected $1.25 million deficit.

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We’re in the final stretch of the semester and oh boy, is it hard. Homesickness is starting to hit and you’re just starting to realize that the elective you took for an easy A is dragging your average way down. It’s slump city.

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