editors' note

When you were a kid, everything seemed simpler.

The sky was blue because Mom said it was. Fairy tales were real. Barbie said “you can be anything,” and you believed it. Nothing was impossible.

But as you grew older, you started to understand your view of the world was limited. The real world has bureaucracy and an affordability crisis. There are social norms to follow, regardless of whether or not they make sense, and no one has actually figured out how to transform into dragons or mermaids in real life.

This year’s magazine hopes to explore these limitations and how they interact and intersect with our lives. As university students, we’re in a unique space where we feel both like kids and adults. For most, this is our first time learning how to be in charge of ourselves, so we haven’t perfected it yet — we have to feed ourselves, but no one is stopping us from doing it with a bowl of Lucky Charms. Navigating this space is not easy, but it is worthwhile.

In this magazine, you’ll find articles ranging from blending dance genres and the effect of the climate crisis on insect physiology, to pushing yourself to your physical limits at Storm the Wall and the impact of student evaluations on faculty promotion. They are not only stories of how people are limited, but also of how they are unlimited.

We hope this will inspire you to break through the limits you can, and accept with peace the ones you can’t.

— Elena Massing & Lauren Kasowski




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