Curled up at my desk

Breaking silence with hurried fingers

Giving the unforgiving Week over

To forgetful words

Memory is the Meme of Living.

I know because I remember;

I see because I know;

I am alive because I see,

But memory stays,


Pierces the atmosphere of assuredness

Threatens to topple,

Overturn and rip through.

Leaving the unknowable eerie

Air sucked out of the room

And you don’t remember how long it’s been

Or where you are or

Who or—


It has been a long day and it is over

Left you

To start again;

To rebuild;

To make the same mistakes;

Words left behind on ancient paper

Claw at pensive fingertips

Dream a return to living


Filed away,

On a shelf high and convenient,

Singing the hateful song of memory

In glances

But there contained

Until next Week