Performance: The Ubyssey's Gender Issue

Before we even got started on this issue, we were fighting. Our experiences of gender are so different that it’s hard to find a Venn Diagram that we could base our ideas off of. But that’s sort of the whole point, right? We have such different ideas of what our genders mean, so we stuck to the only bit of common ground between all of us: performance.


One of the older campers happens to have the same name as me, and we develop a ritual. Every time I see him, I reach out to shake his hand, stifle a giggle and say, Hi Henry, said Henry, to Henry, from Henry!

The first time I brought my partner to my place, I asked them to wait outside my bedroom — I wanted to make sure that there was nothing inside that I didn’t want them to see.

“You do know that all female news readers are supposed to be slim, trendy and attention grabbers, right?”

If you’re an assigned-female-at-birth Trans person, men's deodorant really great for pushing away dysphoria. It’s subtle, but you can catch whiffs of it when you move.

It’s a funny thing, to feel hollow.

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