Hidden Treasures

The overwhelming majority of objects at the Museum of Anthropology and in Rare Books and Special Collections are semi-hidden in the nooks, crannies and drawers of both institutions. Hidden Treasures is an ongoing column dedicated to finding some of the best-kept secrets that MOA and Rare Books and Special Collections has to offer.


I’m sitting in Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC), in the basement of Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, and I hold in my hands a piece of literary history. I’m holding the second draft manuscript of a novel called Under The Volcano by English writer Malcolm Lowry.

Graphics let the author or artist and the reader share a world in a more intimate manner. Many of the hidden treasures within Rare Books and Special Collection have graphic elements and display eclectic and stunning art styles.

The myriad of objects stored away in these display cases rarely sees much traffic from students, but for those who are willing to venture into depths of IKB, there is a world of treasures waiting.

Hidden away in Irving K. Barber Library, the Rare Books and Special Collections section of the UBC Library has hundreds upon hundreds of materials so fancy that no one is even allowed to browse them without asking first.

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