Meet The Ubyssey's 105th editorial

The end of the school year means the end of our last editorial's term — but also the start of a new one! New editors have been voted in from among our staff, and The Ubyssey's editorial board has expanded, with the blog and opinion sections now having their own editors. Here's who will be leading each section of the paper this year.

Coordinating Editor: Anabella McElroy,

News Editor: Aisha Chaudhry & News Producer: Renée Rochefort,

Culture Editor: Elena Massing,

Features Editor: Iman Janmohamed,

Opinion Editor: Spencer Izen,

Blog Editor: Jocelyn Baker,

Science Editor: Tova Gaster,

Sports + Rec Editor: Lauren Kasowski,

Visuals Editor: Anya Anber Ameen,

Photo Editor: Isa S. You,

Video Editor: Ravnoop Badesha,