Love Nest: The best spots for PDA on campus

Part of the charm of a university like ours (for a social butterfly like myself) is how big it is, with over 60,000 faces trudging sulkily under umbrellas during the gross rainy months.

But, also part of the issue is that there are so many people, and despite what probability would tell you, you somehow find yourself running into people you want to avoid all the time. Unlike what Effie Trinket said in The Hunger Games, the odds are not in our favour.

As if this series of unfortunate events wasn’t bad enough, if you find someone you want to kiss, cuddle or hold hands with all the time… get ready to be seen everywhere. Unless somebody (IDK, maybe me!) gave you a slight tip on where to avoid the crowds.

I’ve recently found somebody who is willing to deal with my insanity all the time — voluntarily (I have a boyfriend)! So, now that I have field experience with showing him around campus, I knew I had to list some verified PDA-hotspots for you love birds to nest in too.

North Parkade

Okay, it’s late Wednesday night and things got spicy at The Pit. On the walk home, the vibes get a little exciting, and you think “fuck it, where do we go now?”

Enter: The North Parkade, arguably the best thing to come out of the area near Walter Gage Residences generally. People hate Gage so much, they literally park their cars and bounce out of there like their lives depend on it. This happens to be fortunate both for PDA-seekers and the raccoons who live there.

Once you get past how damp it is (bonus points if you actually have a car, but don’t drive after drinking at The Pit!), the parkade is actually pretty quiet and so unnecessarily labyrinthine that I guarantee you, you’ll find some privacy.

Thunderbird Park

Personally, I can’t recommend this one enough. Not only do virtually no students go here because of how far it is from central campus, but you’ll also probably only see some cute dogs and other couples like yourself.

If you’re looking for a sweet little walk through a pretty park while holding hands with someone, this is the place for you. Seriously, it’s devastatingly underrated for how beautiful it is, and being away from other students means less chances of running into someone you know… right?

Rose Garden

Yes, I’m being cliche, but that’s EXACTLY the point! Because the expectation is to be cute and cheesy at the rose garden (where people literally have weddings), you get a free pass for some PDA.

For sunsets and snuggles, this pretty slice of campus is ideal for simps like me and you. And even if you run into someone you know, so what? Get them to take a picture of you and your person looking post-cardy… and save the kissing for later.

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