Letter from The Ubyssey’s Board of Directors president: 2022/23 update

As the Ubyssey Publications Society’s Board of Directors end its term, I want to take some time to recap some of what we have done over the past 12 months. To start, I want to thank all of our amazing editors, writers, board members and other volunteers and staff for the amazing work they do for the publication.

This year, the Board passed a new five-year strategic plan which outlines goals and projects to help the publication meet and adapt to the needs of the changing UBC campus and media landscape. The strategic plan can be found online at ubyssey.ca/pages/how-we-run/.

Next, we successfully expanded The Ubyssey’s high school journalism scholarship program to reach more secondary school students than ever before, opening eligibility to all 17 secondary schools in the City of Vancouver. This program will help to educate incoming students on what The Ubyssey is, as well as allow them to explore student journalism.

Lastly, a big goal for our board this year has been transparency. This year, I have written three updates, along with some other pieces, in an effort to inform students on the activities of the Board. If you would like to learn more about the Board’s activities or just talk in general, you can reach me at president@ubyssey.ca, or at room 2209 of the AMS Nest.

Best of luck on your exams, UBC. See you next year!

Jalen Bachra

UPS Board of Directors President