UBC transitions to Workday Student, students express frustration

UBC implemented a new student portal, Workday Student on May 21.

Workday Student will be how students access course registrations, grades, transcripts, personal and financial information going forward.

UBC previously used Student Service Centre (SSC) for the past 30 years. Transitioning to Workday Student is part of UBC’s Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) which is a project to replace the university’s decades-old IT systems.

IRP Student Co-lead Sponsor Joanne Fox wrote SSC “could no longer meet the needs of UBC as it is based on outdated technology” in a statement to The Ubyssey.

Some students have expressed concerns regarding Workday Student and have taken to Reddit to express their frustrations.

One redditor wrote “Should I worry if a course I have saved has 0/0 available seats, or if Workday says I'm not eligible for the class even though I've met all the prerequisites.”

Another wrote "recently just got readmitted, anyone else can not log into workday? getting a 'Workday Sign In Error.'"

Fox wrote that “with any new system implementation of this scale, there can be challenges. We are aware of some transition issues that some students are experiencing and are working to resolve these quickly.”

She also noted UBC staff had been granted early access to the system in March to explore and prepare for students' use of Workday, especially as course registrations begin on June 4 and go until July.

Fox wrote that both advising offices and enrolment services will be providing support during this process to guide students. She added that online tutorials have been posted to help students set up and navigate their Workday Student accounts.

Workday Student will be connected with UBC’S HR, finance and students system so students can “access all of their information in one place," wrote Fox.

“For example, a student can use the same system that they use to register for their classes to enter their work hours, if they have a part time job on campus,” wrote Fox.

"The goal is to create a better digital experience for students so that they have access to all of their information through a secure and modern system."