UBC Okanagan faculty rep resigns from the Board of Governors

UBC Okanagan faculty representative Dr. John Klironomos has resigned from the Board of Governors.

Klironomos served nearly two three-year terms on the Board. He was elected in 2016, and re-elected in 2019 with a desire to work collaboratively with members of the Board, promote the interests of the Okanagan campus and ensure faculty and students have the resources they need.

Klironomos was the chair of the Sustainability and Climate Action committee. He did not respond to requests for comment on his resignation by publishing.

Two other Board members have resigned from the Board in the last two years — all under varying circumstances. Former chair and provincial appointee Michael Korenberg resigned in 2020 after backlash over his Twitter activity. Then, in 2021, provincial appointee Andrea Reimer resigned under unknown circumstances, telling The Ubyssey at the time that “it seemed best for me to remove myself.”

As per the University Act — which outlines how the Board of Governors should run — if a vacancy arises, the “appropriate body” must find a replacement. At UBC, a by-election to fill the spot is run by Senate and Curriculum Services.

Five professors at UBC Okanagan are bidding for Klironomos’s spot: education professor Dr. Peter Arthur, French professor Dr. Marianne Legault, engineering professor Dr. Abbas Milani, biology professor Dr. Mark Rheault and engineering professor Dr. Ray Taheri.

The elected representative will serve until the end of the 2020-23 triennium, ending on August 31, 2023.

Faculty members at UBC Okanagan are eligible to vote for Klironomos’ replacement. Voting closes at 4 p.m. on July 11.