Dana Turdy is the next VP academic and university affairs

Dana Turdy is your next AMS VP academic and university affairs (VPAUA).

Turdy, the current AMS policy and governance lead, beat out AMS councillor Kamil Kanji, land and food systems faculty student senator Anisha Sandhu and student government newcomer Anushreya Arora in a hotly contested race to replace incumbent Eshana Bhangu.

Turdy ran on a platform of student consultation, affordability and equity.

“I’d like to take the time to thank all my amazing friends and supporters. I literally could not have this without them,” Turdy said after the results were announced.

Turdy said the first thing she’d do once in office was “look out my tiny little window in the office” and start working on creating an AMS formal consultation plan, which was a cornerstone of her campaign.

Turdy was also elected to the UBC Vancouver Senate as student senator-at-large.

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