AMS to continue using CampusBase for operations, improvements to come

The AMS will continue to use CampusBase as the platform for club operations, with a planned launch of a help centre for club members set for April 2023.

In an interview with The Ubyssey in November 2022, VP Administration Ben Du spoke of either replacing CampusBase with an “in-house online platform” or finding ways to increase the accessibility of the platform.

In the past, there have been several privacy concerns related to CampusBase, but these have since been addressed.

In a written statement, Du confirmed that the AMS will continue to use CampusBase as the platform for AMS clubs rather than transition to another platform.

“At this time, we’ve determined that an in-house online platform will not adequately provide the same features as CampusBase does, such as groups and membership management, email marketing, surveys and forms, and a website builder,” Du wrote.

“Continuing to provide CampusBase to the entire UBC student community also ensures consistency across the board where every student has the ability to, through CampusBase, join one of the 368 clubs constituted with the AMS.”

To improve the usability of CampusBase, Du said the AMS is planning to launch an online help centre this spring ahead of the club executive onboarding process. This will “ensure club members have access to an asynchronous touchpoint for troubleshooting and finding answers to CampusBase-related questions before contacting an AMS staff member,” according to Du.

Du also said the AMS is also working on creating a clubs directory for its website, as incoming students without an active Campus Wide Login cannot access CampusBase to browse available clubs.

The 2023 Club Renewal Form, which all clubs must complete annually to remain active, will collect information including a short club description, membership fee, contact information, and links to clubs’ social media accounts.

“This information will be used to build a directory seeking to bridge the gap between our clubs and their prospective members, allowing any student studying at UBC Vancouver to find a club that fits their passion more easily,” Du wrote.