AMS cancels renovation plans for the old SUB, waits for go-ahead for next step from UBC

The AMS is scrapping their renovation plans for the basement floor in the old SUB.

Ava Nasiri, VP Administration, said that the AMS initially signed trade contracts that specified that once construction of the new SUB is complete, they will begin the renovation of the basement of the old SUB. However, due to logistical and coordination concerns, the AMS has cancelled these contracts.

According to Nasiri, the AMS will hand over control of the old SUB to the university once it moves into the new SUB. UBC will then begin either construction in the area or renovation of the current building, which they are currently in the process of reviewing.

Nasiri said that the AMS cancelled their own plans because they remain uncertain of what UBC will decide to do with the building and did not want to create confusion for the clubs that would be located there.

“It would just be completely illogical for us to move our groups to the basement out in April, start our construction, and then back in, and then have UBC start their construction on the rest of the building," said Nasiri. "Our groups would have to move out a second time, wait maybe two to three years while UBC completes their construction, and then move back in."

According to Nasiri, the AMS will now proceed with a new plan of action where, upon consultation with the university, they will decide on how to spend the $2.2 million that the AMS had originally set aside for renovation of the basement.

“It’s something that’ll benefit, I think, to both parties because it allows a platform in which we can have a meeting of the mind behind the renovation of the basement,” said Nasiri.

Still, the final say on what will happen with the current SUB rests with the university rather than the AMS. For the time being, both parties are waiting for the opening of the new SUB and UBC's review of the building before deciding on how to proceed.

"There are major scheduling and financial implications with UBC geared toward the end of our project as we were approaching the completion of the new SUB," said Nasiri. "[The change in plans] definitely caused a hiccup and we just had to adapt and do what was best for students."