After brief hiatus, Safety McSafeFace is back on the streets

Safety McSafeFace, the main AMS Safewalk vehicle, was found rear-ended on Thursday, October 13, limiting Safewalk to walking teams for several days. 

Safewalk is an AMS service which sends out teams by car or on foot to accompany students who might feel unsafe travelling alone on campus at night.

According to Senior Manager of Student Services Kathleen Simpson, a large dent was found at the back of the vehicle when the Safewalk team arrived for the Thursday evening shift. The bumper was pushed into the back wheels causing the vehicle to be undrivable.  

Simpson said the Safewalk team filed a report with Campus Security and contacted RCMP and ICBC. They currently believe the damage was caused accidentally by someone backing into the car. 

As a result, AMS Safewalk could only offer walking teams support for a few days. UBC Building Operations was able to pop the bumper back out, so the vehicle is now operational. 

At this point, the vehicle requires non-urgent repairs for bodywork which are expected to be done next month. Simpson explained that there will be no budget implications. 

“We have insurance to cover the costs and we were obviously not at fault,” Simpson said. “[The AMS is] working with the company that we got the cars from in order to get those repairs made, and they will be charged back to insurance.”