Candidates for AMS, Senate and Board of Governors 2020 elections announced

Update: February 26: Nikol Grishin announced via Facebook that she is withdrawing from the VP Academic and University Affairs and Senate elections. There are no candidates remaining in the VP Academic and University Affairs race.

Update February 26: Ryan Wong has withdrawn from the senate race.

Update February 24: Oliver Ng and Nick Pang have withdrawn from the Senate race.

Update February 23: Chalaya Moonias has withdrawn from the VP Academic and University Affairs race and Kanika Kholsa has withdrawn from the Senate race.

Update February 20: Mahmoud (Mack) Borno has withdrawn from the Board of Governors race, but remains a candidate for the Senate race.

There are 20 students running in this year’s elections, competing for five AMS executive positions, two Board of Governors roles and five Senate slots.

Here are the candidates:

President: Cole Evans, Ian Stone, Harresh Thayakaanthan

VP Administration: Aidan Wilson, Sylvester Adinam Mensah Jr

VP Academic and University Affairs: no candidates

VP External: Andy Wu, Kalith Nanayakkara, Remzi M. Xhemalce Fuentes

VP Finance: Lucia Liang

Board of Governors: Axel Kong, Jeanie Malone, Brandon Connor, Max Holmes

Senate: Julia Burnham, Cole Evans, Max Holmes, Axel Kong, Mahmoud (Mack) Borno, Eshana Bhangu, Chris Hakim, Snow (Xue) Wang, Braden Bellinger

The campaign period will begin after reading break on February 24 and end on March 6. Two debates will occur on February 25 and 26 with the final Great Debate taking place on February 28 — and all three of them will be hosted by The Ubyssey.

Voting will take place from March 2 to March 6.

Want to learn more about these candidates? Stay tuned to @UbysseyNews on Twitter and follow our election coverage starting February 24.

This article has been updated to clarify that Brandon Connor is a candidate in the Board of Governors race, not the Senate race.