Sometimes I miss...

Sometimes I miss

Racing raindrops

On car windows

Oblivious to the

Lives passed

Sometimes I miss

Eternal summers

Tub-bucket baths

Only ever worried

About Australia’s sunburn wrath

Sometimes I miss

The me packed up

In our basement’s moving boxes

My 12 year old self ecstatic

Time traveling in the sky

Sometimes I miss

Uncomplicated conversations

Among friends

Daydreaming of where

We’d live today’s lives

Sometimes I miss

The good old days

Of lying in dewy grass to find elephants in the sky

Before camping during wildfire season

Smoke reminding me of home

Sometimes I miss

All those reckless teenage decisions

Made at 2am on too many nights

That made every other student

Cry at highschool graduation

Sometimes I miss

The uncomplicatedness of


Before I remember

Why I left everything behind