The top blog articles of the 2022/23 school year

Whether it's a scathing bit of satire or a spoof issue that garners national attention, the blog has been here all year trying to make you laugh.

Humour is the game and Ubyssey blog is the name. Here are the blog's top stories from the past school year.

The Dingbat: The Thunderbird tried to recruit me for varsity hackysack

Words by Rachel Marr | Illustration by Maged

Campus groups are constantly trying to recruit me, but all I want to do is pass my classes and drink bubble tea. I’m always on the lookout to avoid these clubs, but the efforts of one group, specifically the recruitment strategy of their mascot, went a bit too far last semester.

UBC needs American Girl Dolls

Words by Iman Janmohamed | Photos by Zubair Hirji & Iman Janmohamed

The ‘We need an American Girl Doll’ meme took the internet by storm. We’ve seen dolls that drink La Croix and that are obsessed with Pedro Pascal, but what about a doll that goes to UBC? Well, we’ve got you covered.

The Dingbat: UBC's tuition fees may be rising, but its ranking sure isn't

Words by Elena Massing | Photos by Zubair Hirji

UBC's ranking, according to Times Higher Education, has dropped from 37th to 40th worldwide. If it continues to decline at this rate, I'm going to get beat out by my cousin Kyler, an unlicensed makeup artist with a history of spreading pink eye.

The Dingbat: What's your deal, man?

Words by Thomas McLeod | Photos by Iman Janmohamed

Last Tuesday, The Ubyssey obtained reports which showed that you've been totally weird recently, man. Eyewitness accounts state that your vibe has totally shifted the last couple weeks and that you're kind of freaking everybody out.

The Dingbat: I'm sorry I almost fell on you on the bus

Words by Harry Sadleir | Illustration by Bessie Guo

We shared nought but a three-foot circle on this 8:50 a.m. R4 bus. We deserved nothing less than the joy of staring out of the bus window for 20 minutes, packed tighter than a can of sardines listening to our separate podcasts before going out separate ways.

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