Places on campus to go to pretend you’re the main character

Sometimes in the hustle of school and clubs we tend to forget how universally acclaimed UBC’s campus is. The aerial shots on our Instagram feeds as brought to us by the AMS serves as a nice little reminder to leave our dorms and get out — occasionally. Well, for the next time you feel the urge to have yourself a main character moment, I present to you— in increasing order of pretentiousness — a list of main-character-moment worthy spots on campus.

  • Starting off as basic as it gets with the Rose Garden! It’s one of those comfort spots you can’t go wrong with. Perch yourself on the ledge next to the fence, dangle your legs and watch the sunset with a friend or alone with no headphones for that authentic PretentiousTM feeling.
  • The Engineering Cairn — bonus points if you’re in Arts and you get a cookie if Engineers catch you on there. The God complex you feel up there is unparalleled.
  •  If you have a couple hours between classes on a weekday, Tower Beach is an amazing place to convince yourself that the person you made eye contact with at McDonald’s two nights ago is “The One”. and that you’ll never see them again because of the war
  • Continuing with delusions of love, a deep late-night conversation on the benches in front of the Music Building is a far better option than telling them “I know a spot” and taking them to the Buchanan Courtyard. People can see everything there.
  • For some reason, taking the 68 without being weighed down by grocery bags or alcohol bottles feels alien and very main character, so give that a shot too.
  • Now if you need to study but you’ve dressed up and don’t want to waste the one(1) good outfit you’ll wear this month on the people at the Nest, go to the Riddington Room (the Harry Potter Room) and channel your inner Ravenclaw.
  • For a bit of a Rory Gilmore vibe, walk down the second floor hallway in the Chemistry Building, clutch your books to your chest and look as pick-me as you possibly can.
  • The pink-lit Hebb Building is a good place to distract yourself from the midterm-season tears and convince yourself this degree is worth it because hey, if you’re crying anyway, at least you’re looking good doing it.
  • If you want to judge people who are studying while you procrastinate, just lie down in the middle of the MacInnes Field, irrespective of the weather. Sunny? Great, you’ll tan. Windy? Perfect, get that wind-blown hair look. Raining? Perfect! That’s as main character as it gets!
  • The Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Center(ie; pseudo-amphitheatre in front of the Clock Tower with the pond in the middle) has climbable rocks if that’s more your style. Sit there with a flask of whatever you want and mull over your very important thoughts.
  • Gia Khanna.
  • Last but not least, play the pianos in IKB. Put your headphones on and tickle those ivories. If you don’t know how to play- who cares? That’s why they have the headphones there.